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Receive the blessings of the druids. Command powerful magic. Destroy your oppressors.
Class Selection Two different sides to choose from. Each has a completely different adventure, with different quests, strengths, and weaknesses.
Faerie Castle A visit to the castle of the faeries. Watch out. They're not flitting, harmless forest creatures. They're very dangerous. And they have plans for you.
Train Character Nethergate: Resurrection has a deep skill system, with many ways to build an effective character
Dead Roman If you aren't careful, the locals have their own unique ways of dealing with intruders. Like sticking you inside a man made of straw and setting you on fire.
Plot The Romans believe that their destiny is to control the entire world. Surely one small valley full of Celtic barbarians can't be a problem ...
I can see where the artifact is. How do I get down there?
Nethergate World Map A map of the world will help you find the more important locations. Don't worry ... those blank spots are full of dozens of areas of interest waiting to be discovered.
Treasures Search for hundreds of treasures, magical items, and interesting junk. Put them in big piles and admire them.
Annwn Your travels will even take you to Annwn, the land of the dead.

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