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A New Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Macintosh and Windows 95/98

  • 4 Stars - Computer Games Online
  • Computer Games Magazine RPG of the Year - Honorable Mention
  • Vault Network Shareware RPG of the Year

Note: This is the older version of Nethergate. We have a newer, larger, better version here. If you purchased this game and need a copy contact us.

The time is 60 AD. The Roman Empire is at the height of its power, under the rule of the cruel Emperor Nero. The isle of Britannia is wracked by rebellion against its Roman masters, aNethergate Screenshot 1s the Celtic tribes ransack city after city.

In the depths of the wilderness, the village of Nethergate, forgotten and ignored, is hatching a conspiracy. They will conspire with the faery kingdoms, the dark, secret, wild powers, to destroy their Roman conquerors. Magic is dying, but there is enough of it left to put an end the the Empire. Your job is to help them.

Nethergate Screenshot 2Or, your job is to stop them.

In Nethergate, the newest role-playing game from Spiderweb Software, the makers of the award-winning Exile series, you can play as either the Romans or the Celts, seeing both sides of this epic battle. The quests, puzzles, and the way the characters react to you will be completely different. It's like two games in one!Nethergate Screenshot 3

No matter which side you play, Nethergate has beautiful 3-D graphics, an elegant interface, a huge world, based on historical research, and dozens of cunning towns, fortresses, and dungeons. Nethergate has dozens of characters and over 150,000 words of plotting and dialogue, designed to immerse you in a strange, magical, lost world.

Nethergate requires a PC running Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or a PowerPC Macintosh (minimum 80Mhz, 8 MB free RAM, 16 bit color). This game is not compatible with newer versions of the Macintosh and some newer versions of the Windows operating system. For more details, consult our Compatibility Guide.

Note: This older version of Nethergate is no longer updated. We have a newer, larger, better version here. If you purchased the original game and need another copy contact us.

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