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Drakon Fortress Geneforge 4: Rebellion has over 80 sections. Reclaim the Fens of Aziraph from a Shaper gone mad. Find a way through the impenetrable defense of the Barrier Zone. And, as seen here, find the icy fortresses of the powerful, arrogant drakons.
Rivergate Keep Exploring Rivergate Keep, one of the cities in war-torn Illya Province. You're a spy in enemy territory, though. Be careful who you trust.
Southern World Map Your missions will take you all over the continent of Terrestia, through forests, deserts, and ice-covered mountains.
House in the Woods You've been caught breaking into the house of a Shaper infiltrator. Will you fight her? Talk to her? Ask her for a job? It all depends on what side you decided to join.
Character Creation Choose from five different character types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Will you attack your enemies yourself or send a horde of completely loyal monsters to get the job done?
Your Army Eventually, you will be able to command an army of huge, powerful creations. Of course, if you then walk into the middle of a field of traps, this may not help you ...
Inventory Geneforge 4: Rebellion has hundreds of items, some magical and some mundane. And, if you find the right parts, you can craft powerful artifacts.
Shaper Ambush Your group has been ambushed by the Shapers. Some of your friends will try to fight. Some will run. What about you?
Kyshakk Text One of the many new foes the Shapers will unleash upon you. You will have to face them if you hope to keep the rebellion alive.
Intro. Screen Geneforge 4: Rebellion has an intricate plot set in a truly unique world.

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