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Screenshots for Geneforge 3

Click on the small images to see larger versions.

Boss Fight Geneforge 3 pits you against many strange and powerful creatures, each with their own abilities and weaknesses.
Dark Woods Investigate an abandoned mansion in the dark, infested woods of Gull island.
Snow Ambush Beware the monsters lurking everywhere in the barren ice caves of the Isle of Spears.
Dhonal's Isle The map of Dhonal's Isle, one of the many islands you can explore.
Swamp Horde Harmony Isle has a lovely name. Pity it's such a pit. The denizens of its swamps will gladly swarm you if they get the chance.
Outside Town Just outside the gates of Dhonal's Keep, the mightiest fortress on the Ashen Isles. Will you save it? Or destroy it? The choice will be yours.
Dark Cellar A storeroom in the ruins of your school. Displays Geneforge 3's new lighting effects. Better find what you can and get out before the ceiling caves in.
Cut Scene A confrontation with Litalia, traitor to the Shapers. Clever cutscenes advance the complex and fascinating storyline.
Dialog Screen Litalia is your enemy. At first. But perhaps there are reasons why you should consider joining her ...
Inventory Screen Geneforge 3's new inventory system. Arrange your items as you want. Use the new crafting skills to create powerful weapons, wands, and magical items.

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