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Geneforge 2

Geneforge 2 mainly deals with the workings of the Shapers. The Shapers are a mysterious and powerful sect, which contains three classes of people:

Shaper Shapers
The wizards who are most proficient at magic and can design and create new life forms. Physically frail, they count on the protection of the hordes of beasts they can create. Shapers are frequently called to go to a freshly settled place and create beneficial life forms to shape the area to the desires of the locals. When they go, they almost always take Guardians along for protection.
Guardians are the defenders of the Shapers. When a creation goes rogue and attacks its creator, it is a Guardian who will strike it down with good, reliable steel. Guardians are not without magical abilities. They are capable of firing lances of flame, magically controlling Shaper creations, or even making servants of their own. However, their magical powers pale compared to those of the Shapers.
Agent Agents
Sometimes a Shaper-created species goes rogue. Sometimes outsiders attempt to use Shaper magic on their own. Sometimes something nasty needs to be done, and quickly. This is the job of the Agent. An Agent travels places and solves problems. Agents have a good mix of physical strength and magical abilities.

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