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Exile: Escape From the Pit

  • "Exile is a game that Ultima aficionados should put at the top of their download list."
    - Computer Player
  • "Exile offers an easygoing point-and-click interface; pleasant, if unambitious, graphics; ... literate prose; and a vast scope." - PC Games, Nov. 1996
  • "From the top of its head to the tip of its toes, the game shows a lot of class." - Computer Games Strategy Plus, Dec. 1996

Spiderweb Software proudly presents Exile: Escape From the Pit, a new, full-length, fantasy role-playing shareware game for Windows. Exile features a huge, highly detailed world with many quests, beautiful, professionally done graphics, scads of characters to interact with, and almost eighty towns and dungeons, scattered over an enormous world.

Exile has several overall game quests, of varying difficulty, each the size of a full game. If one doesn't appeal to you, you can try another, or all of them! The game can be as linear and goal-driven as you want it to be. Exile also has a simple, elegant skill-based character system. No more character classes - you design characters who do exactly what you want them to do, with as much versatility as you want to put into them.

In addition, Exile has all the features game players have come to expect, including intricate graphics and sound, full auto-mapping, many, many puzzles, and, of course, the obligatory hordes of evil nasties just waiting to be robbed and butchered. Finally, the first full half of the game is free, with full functionality!

The story:
"exile n. 1. Enforced removal from one's native country. 2. The state or circumstance of being in Exile."

Above ground, there is only one nation: The Empire. That's all it's called. What need is there for fancy names when there's really only one game in town?

The Empire maintains order at all costs. Misfits, magical creatures, and petty criminals of all sorts are unwanted, and the Empire has one tried and true way of disposing of them...
They are sent through a one-way teleporter into the Underworld. And, alas, you have had the bad luck to be considered misfits.

There are hundreds of miles of twisting tunnels and enormous caverns under the surface world, filled with creatures fantastic and mundane, all scrabbling for the same limited food and limited space. It is into this hostile, war-ravaged land that you are sent to find your fortune. Or just try to survive.

1. Run EXILE.EXE (from the file manager, if using Windows 3.1). This uncompresses the files.
2. Run INSTALL.EXE (again from the file manager, if using Windows 3.1).

Exile is $25 shareware. It requires Windows 3.1, 2 MB free RAM, 256 colors, and a 13" monitor. The author is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). Exile is compatible with Windows 95.
Contact: Spiderweb Software, PO Box 85659, Seattle, WA 98145
E-mail: SpidWeb@aol.com

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