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Avernum 4

 Starting Quarters

Starting Quarters - A freshly created band of adventurers, about to set out on their mission. You can create characters from three different races: the feline nephilim, the reptilian slithzerikai, and good old-fashioned humans. 

Specter Trial

Specter Trial - The world of Avernum 4 is enormous. There are special encounters, dungeons, quests, and unusual foes everywhere. For example, here, the adventurers have discovered a testing chamber, created by wizards for unpleasant reasons that will soon become all too clear.


Conversation - Like other games in the series, Avernum 4 is full of multitudes of characters. Some are friendly. Many are not.

Giant Fight
Here is a battle with three dreaded cave giants. The multitude of caves and tunnels in Avernum 4 are full of all sort of monsters, many of which have strange and unpredictable abilities.
Job Board
Towns and forts frequently have job boards, where you can get optional, extra missions. Avernum 4 features almost 200 quests! There's never a shortage of things to do.
Swampy Dungeon
Another of Avernum 4's many dungeons. Once the lair of the proud dragon Khoth, now a swampy ruin, infested with cunning foes.
Epic Fight
Avernum 4 contains a huge variety of battles. Some are against lone foes capable of remarkable trickery. Others are epic battles against a horde of freakish monsters.
World Map
The world of Avernum is huge. It's easy to get lost. Fortunately, a map of the world is provided so that you don't lose yourself in the shuffle.
Meet eccentric wizards in the Tower Colony. It was the Tower of Magi, but then they blew it up.

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